Donatella Della Porta

Another Europe: Social Movements and the Construction of European Public Spheres.

In her speech Donatella Della Porta talked about the social movements that consider themselves opposed to the European process of integration in its current form. She claimed that they are by some counted as anti-European, but still form a critical part of the European Public, and in some ways can still have potential for playing a unifying role in the European public.

Slavko Splichal

National Publics in Transnational Public Sphere.

Slavko Splichal’s lecture described how the governance perspective together with globalization has changed our perception of the European public sphere. He posed the question whether it is the absence of a transnational public sphere in the system of global governance that causes the democratic deficit.

Stefano Bartolini

Is a There an Emerging European Party System?

In his contribution Stefano Bartolini highlighted that while European parties do indeed exist, they do not interact or compete to such a degree that it is accurate to say that they form a party system. Furthermore he pointed out that this current state does not allow us to foresee the emergence of a European party system.

Judith Squires

Gender and Inclusion in the European Public Sphere

In her lecture Judith Squire emphasised that representation must be understood as constitutive, but that focusing on the public sphere in isolation from formal institutions is to risk overlooking the interconnectedness of governance. However, attempts to secure recognition and inclusivity may end up promoting essentialism.

Rainer Bauböck

Compound Citizenship in Europe: How to Reconcile Equality, Inclusion and Pluralism?

Rainer Bauböck’s address used a micro/biographical perspective on migration to illustrate how our current liberal models of citizenship are insufficient to capture the complexities introduced by multilevel and transborder citizenships.

Costas Douzinas

The Death of Europe

The contribution of Costas Douzinas drew long historical lines. From its ancient beginnings Europe has been constituted by an external point of view, but in its current crisis the deteriorating social aspect means that Europe has lost its way.

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